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During 30+ years in serving the healthcare industry, Lamar has 
provided consulting services for hundreds of clients in over 40 states. 
Lamar co-authored two editions of the AMA's top selling books on 
reimbursement and is a Fellow and Certified Healthcare Financial 
Professional in the Healthcare Financial Management Association. 
In addition to being a member of the American Institute of CPAs and Georgia Society of CPAs, he is Certified in Financial Forensics and a licensed insurance agent and counselor, and has been an Arbitrator for the American Health Lawyers Association.  

Lamar has served as an expert in over 300 cases and has been admitted as an expert in multiple US District Courts, State Courts and Administrative Hearings. He has testified for and served plaintiffs and defendants, as well as for providers, payors and government clients.  Lamar has served many nationally recognized healthcare law firms, as well as many of the top healthcare provider organizations and insurance carriers.  At HLN, he directs our team of senior professionals with expertise in medical records, coding, medical billing, reimbursement, statistics and forensic accounting. 

Prior to creating Health Law Network in 2003, Lamar was founder and chairman of Healthcare Management Advisors (HMA) from 1990 to 2002, which provided compliance, reimbursement, coding, managed care, clinical data and financial management expertise to over 1,600 hospitals and hundreds of other healthcare providers nationwide and internationally.  Under his direction, HMA also developed and introduced Georgia's first medical record coder certification program and created the nation's first video-based medical record ICD and CPT coder training program. 

While at HMA, Lamar developed and managed two of the largest hospital cost report group appeals in Georgia history and managed HMA's growth to a staff of over 100.  Clients included: Hospital Corporation of America, Tenet Physician Specialty Corporation, Veterans Administration, North Broward Hospital District, Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, Emory Healthcare, Baptist Healthcare System, and numerous other healthcare organizations and law firms nationwide. His equity interest in HMA was privately sold in 2002. 

From 1981 to 1990, he was a co-founder and the Audit and Healthcare Consulting Partner for Hyatt, Imler, Ott & Blount (HIOB), which became the 10th largest CPA firm in Atlanta.  Lamar was also President of HOSPLAN Micro Systems (an affiliate), which developed and marketed microcomputer-based software for medical records, budgeting, and rate setting to over 600 hospitals nationwide.  He designed the RatePlan procedural rate optimization system in 1983, which was  still used by 3M Consulting Services as a key component of their Comprehensive Pricing Solution service in 2010. 3M Health Information Systems purchased HIOB & HOSPLAN.

From 1974 to 1981, Lamar was with the international Big-8 CPA firm of Ernst & Young, where he became a Manager, supervising healthcare audits, Medicare & Medicaid cost reports, rate setting projects and financial feasibility studies.  He also assisted the E&Y national office in several revisions of the KOSTPAK Medicare cost report preparation system.

Lamar passed the CPA exam in 1973, while attending Georgia Southern University, where he obtained a BBA in Accounting in 1974.

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U.S. District Court (NJ) Judge Jerome Simandle's opinion stated, "Mr. Blount is qualified to testify as an expert on Medicare reimbursement and billing issues. He possesses specialized knowledge, based on his over thirty years extensive experience as a healthcare auditor addressing Medicare reimbursement concerns and through his published works."    (Landau v. Lucasti, Civil No. 06-1229)
U.S. District Court (CA) Judge Christina Snyder's opinion stated, "The Court finds that Blount is qualified to testify as an expert in this case. Blount has served as an expert in the medical billing field and has testified regarding medical billing issues in state and federal courts ... The Court also concludes that Blount’s methodology...is a sound analytical method that will assist the jury in understanding the relatively complex issue of medical billing practices."    (Glenwood v. Augment, Civil No. 10-8910)
Muscogee County (GA) Superior Court Judge Maureen Gottrieds opinion stated, "“After hearing Mr. Blount's qualifications and testimony at the June 5, 2017 hearing on class certification, this Court finds that Mr. Blount is qualified to render an opinion as an expert in this case and therefore denies TMC's motion to exclude Mr. Blount's testimony.”   (Enterprise Leasing and Danielle Bowden, et al v. The Medical Center, Civil Action File No. SU12CV2676)
U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals opinion stated, "Blount’s and Schmor’s testimony did not violate the collateral source rule. Their testimony addressed the reasonableness and necessity of what Showan had paid for her discectomy. Whether the expenses were “reasonable and necessary” is a critical inquiry under Georgia law. ...Accordingly, the district court did not abuse its discretion in admitting the testimony of Blount and Schmor."    (Showan v. Krispy Kreme, No. 17-15547)