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L. Lamar Blount, CPA/CFF, FHFMA 
During 30+ years in serving the healthcare industry, Lamar has 
provided consulting services for hundreds of clients in over 40
states. Lamar co-authored two editions of books on billing and 
reimbursement for the AMA.  

Lamar has served as an expert in over 300 cases and has been admitted in multiple US District Courts, State Courts and Administrative Hearings. He has testified for and served plaintiffs and defendants, as well as for providers, payors and government clients.  He is the president of HLN and provides quality reviews on all of our expert reports. 

Prior to creating Health Law Network in 2003, Lamar was founder and chairman of Healthcare Management Advisors (HMA) from 1990 to 2002. HMA provided compliance, reimbursement, coding, managed care, clinical data and financial management expertise to over 1,600 hospitals and hundreds of other healthcare providers nationwide and internationally. His equity interest in HMA was privately sold in 2002. 

From 1981 to 1990, he was a co-founder and the Audit and Healthcare Consulting Partner for Hyatt, Imler, Ott & Blount (HIOB), which became the 10th largest CPA firm in Atlanta.  Lamar was also President of HOSPLAN Micro Systems (an affiliate), which developed and marketed microcomputer-based software for medical records, budgeting, and rate setting to over 600 hospitals nationwide. 3M Health Information Systems purchased HIOB & HOSPLAN.

From 1974 to 1981, Lamar was with the international Big-8 CPA firm of Ernst & Young, where he became a Manager, supervising healthcare audits, Medicare & Medicaid cost reports, rate setting projects and financial feasibility studies.  

Lamar passed the CPA exam in 1973, while attending Georgia Southern University, where he obtained a BBA in Accounting in 1974.
Timothy N. Henry, CPA
Tim is HLN's Vice President of Consulting Services, managing our 
team of multi-disciplinary consultants. He has served as a consulting 
or testifying expert on 100+ cases for Health Law Network since 
2012, serving plaintiffs and defendants in medical billing and 
reimbursement disputes in multiple US District and State Courts. 
He has also served in cases involving Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement issues, Medicare fraud, managed care contract payment disputes, life care plan projections, and lost profit and economic damage claims.

Since 1978, Tim has served the healthcare industry as an auditor, consultant, and financial executive. He has served multiple hospitals and multi-provider healthcare systems as Chief Accountant, Internal Auditor, Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer. These hospitals and healthcare systems included Emory University/Emory Healthcare System, Gwinnett Hospital System, Wesley Woods Center, and Union General Hospital. Tim's healthcare provider experience includes responsibility for the financial statements, managed care contracts, business office, including the chargemaster, facility and professional fee billing, and collections. 

Prior to HLN, Tim worked with founder Lamar Blount in two other healthcare businesses. Tim was a Healthcare Audit Partner at Hyatt, Imler, Ott & Blount (HIOB), which became the 10th largest CPA firm in Atlanta; and he was Vice President of Compliance Services at Healthcare Management Advisors (HMA), Alpharetta, Georgia, which served more than 1,500 hospitals and hundreds of other healthcare providers and organizations nationwide. At HMA, Tim served as the Compliance Officer for multi-campus healthcare providers and directed the firm’s Medicare and Medicaid risk assessment and compliance program engagements.

Tim passed the CPA exam in 1984 and obtained a BBA in Accounting in 1978 at Georgia State University.
Tony W. Ulbrandt, MAcc, CFE
Tony is a Consulting Manager with HLN and has served as a 
consulting or testifying expert on 100+ cases for Health Law 
Network since 2013, serving plaintiffs and defendants in medical
billing and reimbursement disputes in multiple US District and 
State Courts. He has also served in cases involving medical malpractice, healthcare fraud, Medicare fraud, Qui Tam lawsuits, criminal sentencing hearings, and lost profit and economic damage claims.

Prior to HLN, Tony served as a Forensic Accountant with Assurance Forensic Accounting CPAs where worked on multiple cases to calculate economic damges involving retail/wholesale, manufacturing, food processing, real estate, restaurants, tourism, professional/consulting firms, distribution, and construction. He also was a Senior Accountant with Credo Financial Services where he performed business valuations, and worked on litigation support cases including lost profit analysis and forensic reconstruction of financial statements. Tony also served as Senior Forensic Accountant at DDS Financial where he performed on-site forensic analyses and audits.

Tony passed the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) exam in 2017, and obtained a BBA in Economics from University of Georgia and a Master of Accounting from Florida Atlantic University.  
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HLN's Testifying Experts 
Among the numerous HLN Consultants who have provided expert testimony, three of our most experienced Medical Billing Experts are described here.  CVs and Testimony lists are available by request.
U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals opinion stated, "Blount’s and Schmor’s testimony did not violate the collateral source rule. Their testimony addressed the reasonableness and necessity of what Showan had paid for her discectomy. Whether the expenses were “reasonable and necessary” is a critical inquiry under Georgia law. ...Accordingly, the district court did not abuse its discretion in admitting the testimony of Blount and Schmor."    (Showan v. Krispy Kreme, No. 17-15547)
State Court of Chatham County (GA) Judge Gregory Sapp's opinion stated, "the Court DENIES the Plaintiffs motion to exclude Mr. Blount's testimony regarding the reasonableness of her medical expenses. The Court finds this testimony might be helpful to the jury and the comparison of charges would be relevant to the jury's determination of reasonableness.  (Miller vs. HFW, Civil No. STCV1702110SA)
State Court of Douglas County (GA) Judge Eddie Barker's opinion stated, "This Court ...finds that Mr. Ulbrandt is a competent expert. His methodology is sufficiently reliable and through the application of his scientific and specialized expertise, his testimony will assist the trier of fact to understand the evidence. Therefore, based on the foregoing, Plaintiff's Motion to Exclude the Testimony of Mr. Tony Ulbrandt is DENIED
(Jackson v. Sargent, Civil No. Case No.: 19SV0056
State Court of DeKalb County (GA) Judge Kimberly Anderson's opinion stated, "Plaintiff argues that Mr. Blount’s opinion in this case does not rely on accepted methodology, and therefore the Court cannot deem it sufficiently reliable under Daubert and O.C.G.A. § 24-7-702... Here, the Court finds that Mr. Blount’s testimony satisfies the reliability requirement as his methodology has a sufficient factual basis... Moreover, the Court finds Mr. Blount’s testimony about the reasonableness of Plaintiff’s medical bills is relevant."  (Hassan v Kroger, Civil No. 18A68687)

U.S. District Court (CO) Judge Michael Hegarty's opinion stated, " I view Mr. Blount has provided statistical data and demonstrating that, in comparison with other local hospitals, Sky Ridge is out of sync. For the foregoing reasons, Plaintiffs’ [sic] Opposed Motion to Exclude the Opinions of Defendant’s Expert, L. Lamar Blount ... is denied without prejudice."  (Chapman v. Target, 19-cv-03240